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to flood stage in the next few hours. ktvu's jade hernandez was in flood-prone guerneville and joins us live from a fire station in forestville. >> reporter: that is right, the roads are wet and there has been steady light rain since sundown. it appears threats of nearby guerneville are going to see how much rain they get before they start filling their own sandbags. they took orders by phone, so customers could honker down into today's study, but light rain. >> everyone is talking about it and said this is minor compared how to it has been. >> reporter: shirley banner remembers of flood of '86 where the russian river rose to 17' above flood level. >> everybody comes by here to go to the bridge and see how high it is. >> reporter: in the dark it's hard to tell but the national weather service reports that the river is well below any flooding stage. residents are used to watching and waiting. >> they should be prepared and everything ready to go and have food in the house. >> i think that i'm going to just watch it for the next few days. >> reporter: his art along with the pieces fro
it looks right now. along the napa river at napa or st. helena and the russian river at guerneville you to monitor this. let's show you what's supposed to happen at guerneville. forecast is to reach just above flood stage at 32.7 feet tomorrow morning -- or rather monday morning at 9:00. whereas on the napa river it looks like it will peak sunday afternoon. so stay tuned on that if you are in those areas. mean time here is how to looks for us. on and off showers through the day. heavy rain returns tomorrow morning at this time. the rain is out of the area by sunday and finally we get a chance to breathe. we will have impressive totals and a specific look at what's going ounfold over the next 24 hours. first let's check with ann. >>> thank you, brian. the pg&e crews are hard at work around the clog to -- clock to keep power on for bay area customers. in north bay there are power outages affecting 90 customers. 300 customers are in the dark in the south bay and the peninsula. over in the east bay more than 200 customers right now without service. the storms are wreaking havoc on the roadw
. they're expected to rise above flood stage tomorrow on the napa and then early monday in guerneville. this is how the russian river looked this afternoon. fast moving and clearly over its banks right now but expected to crest at about 4 feet above flood stage in the next 36 hours causing major flooding on roads and bridges. don knapp is along the river in napa where the river is expected to crest above flood stage. >> reporter: focuses may not have been aware of the flood stage. the river has been behaving itself and until an hour ago there wasn't any rain. there is rain now. people are away of the projections and they're getting ready. so far the napa river remains within its banks but it's expected to flood near st. helena tomorrow around noon. folks in rural areas and parts of napa aren't taking any chances. city trucks have delivered 50 tons of sand to this 1st street and freeway drive and folks are filling bags as quickly as the sand came in. 2000 bags so far were loaded up and shipped out. >> the situation is that i live on a creek. we had a big rain as you know thursday night,
. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> this was the russian river in guerneville where residents were cautiously watching water levels rise there. the river peaked at 27.5 feet this morning, 5 feet under flood stage. the highest recorded flooding in guerneville occurred back in 1986 when the river reached 49 feet. >>> a marin county school suffered significant flooding from the weekend storm. classes at white hill middle school in fairfax are canceled today while crews clear rainwater and mud from classrooms, offices and even the library. school administrators will meet later today to discuss whether class will resume tomorrow. >>> it wasn't just rain that caused problems. strong winds knocked down power lines all over the bay area leaving hundreds of thousands without power. pg&e worked through the night restore most of the power lines but some people may have to wait until tomorrow morning until they get power. right now about 2600 customers are still without power. >>> highway patrol car flipped over in livermore during a chase that reached 90 miles per hour. it happened just befor
river in guerneville over the weekend. flood warnings were also canceled. the river crested at 16 feet about an hour ago. the highest recorded flooding guerneville occurred in 1986 when the river reached 49 feet. >> and it was not just water. strong wind also caused a lot of problems all over the bay area. a broken power pole. this is in san francisco's sunset district. it left 8500 people without power. it was just one of the multiple incidents where trees or power post brought down lines. the latest outages show 4200 homes without power, nearly 1400 up in the north bay 900 in the east bay and around 1200 in santa clara county. >>> foul weather toppled a big rig on the san rafael bridge. the chp says the driver ignored the high wind warnings yesterday morning and as you can see paid the price. officers say he drove at excessive speeds before crashing, as well. traffic was tied up for more than five hours. the truck driver wasn't hurt and no other cars were involved. >>> lawrence, you said the storm was coming, all this damage. we are ready for it to go away. >> that's a lot especially
. take a look at video we have from guerneville where a dramatic change in river levels happened yesterday just like everywhere across the bay area. locals say they expect the russian river to approach flood stage this weekend. one man whose trailer sits right on the banks he watched the river rise 17 feet yesterday. he packed up his belongings, this morning he is planning to head for higher ground. >> it's going to be up to here. the flood stage and expectations at guerneville is 32 feet. >> flood signs popped up across highway and low lying back roads. some ignored the warning signs and no such luck. cars stalled and good samaritan we saw. this light rain today is somewhat of a break. it's going to get heavy tomorrow morning and residents we spoke with here in sonoma county they are using today's light rain as a break to brace and prepare their properties for tomorrow's big storm. >> katie: dozens of people in the santa cruz mountains are still without power and highway 9 is still shut down because of downed power lines. sergio quintana has more. >> reporter: pg&e crews are wor
on guerneville because we'll see light rain, and will pick up in intensity as the night goes on. santa rosa getting light moderate rain. and here's heavier showers where the napa river is under a flood warning. the city of napa getting heavy rain and light to moderate rainfall on 580, 680. hayward getting some rainfall right now. let's talk specifics. the russian river at guerneville, a 35-foot crest, 3 feet above flood stage. it will hit the crest 11:00 monday mortgage. the napa -- morning. the napa river will crest earlier, lunchtime tomorrow at 18 feet. moderate flooding, 2 feet above flood stage. the only difference between the days is is there a a storm in the pipeline moving in. tonight the answer is yes. we have all of there moisture stretching from west of hawaii all the way into the west coast and northern california continues to be the bulls eye. low pressure to the northwest, the storm track heading right toward us. where's the next storm, sitting a couple hundred miles offshore. it will be with us tomorrow morning and all of northern california will be extremely wet. we're looki
showers. guerneville you are looking a few showers. napa, vacaville and fairfield. this will remain over the north bay through most of the afternoon. hit or miss showers, periods of rain, a few periods of dry weather. it will spread south and when it does, the steadier rain will begin to move our way. coming up, i will tell you when we can expect the evening drive, when we'll see the heaviest rain and when we'll be dry. >>> in san mateo county, road crew are the trying to shore up highway 1 before the rain tonight. they are trying to stop erosion from the weekend storm in pacifica. that will mean traffic delays in the area the highway was completely shut down overnight until the work began at 9:00 a.m. there are one-way controls in place right now. they hope to have everything back open by 3:00 this afternoon. >>> in a couple of hours, the san francisco board of supervisors will cast their final vote on the public nudity ban. brian flores joins us live from san francisco. there's still strong emotions on this. >> reporter: hi, tori. yes, still strong emotions. despite a large group of nu
to three feet of going over the banks. >>> this is the russian river in guerneville over the weekend. flood warnings were cancelled. the river crested at 6 feet about an hour -- 16 feet about an hour ago. the highest recorded flood occurred in 1986 when the river reached 49 feet. >>> strong wind also caused a lot of problems. we have a broken power pole in san francisco sunset district leaving 8500 people without electricity yesterday. it was one of multiple incidents where trees or power polls brought down power lines. the latest outages show a 650 homes in the north bay without power and around 600 in the south bay as well as others. >>> rain opened up a large pothole on westbound 4 in pittsburg blamed for flattening the tires of two dozen cars yesterday. that's no fun. crews shut down the lane while they made those emergency repairs. it's now open again. >>> this is just a good reminder. we're no match for nature. >> no. >> no match. >> powerful. hopefully done for a while. i guess we have a little bit of rain this week, right, lawrence? >> a little more rain but it is true, you know, y
, wet. we do continue with the flood watch over parts of the sonoma bay, guerneville, you should experience some minor flooding in and around the area. mill road, as well as areas in montyrio. the river continues to rise and will so until about 11:00, expected to crest at 30.9 feet within monsterred stage. for the rest of us, we're dry. partly cloudy, mostly clear for today. cool, very cool in some cases. low to mid-30s in areas right around the north bay valley locations. widespread 40s around the bay area and then as we get into the noontime feeling better. low to mid-50s. low to mid-50s expected for your afternoon. if you are getting outdoors early this morning, be prepared for the chilly weather and then we will remain cool, partly cloudy and calm by the afternoon. chilly overnight lows and cool afternoon highs. i will have a time line on that rain for you -- coming up. >>> we've been watching the north bay as well. a flood warning for the napa river has been canceled. the river did rise more than a foot above flood stage last night. the water started to level off. many rural
you down to street level here around guerneville and russian river to forgetville. river road sweetwater springs road we get some moderate to heavy rainfall right now and as we pan around to other parts of the bay area you can see here glen ellen warm springs road we have some showers out towards napa road. check this out around nap can see how quickly this is all developing and moving. old sonoma road getting a heavy downpour. in the east bay we go through street out to albany berkeley dwight avenue lighter rainfall but we have some moderate rain showing up here so we are watching that for you. few scattered showers and other parts of the bay area mainly the peninsula south bay rainfall total have been excessive in some of our hills. almost 9 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. in the far northern end of sonoma county one of the wets location. 8 and a half inches in the past 48 hours. three inches in san rafael. 3.7 in santa rosa. san francisco almost an inch and half. livermore pushing close to 2 and oakland got 2 inches of rain with more significant r
for this at guerneville, going to peak at 5 o'clock tonight, a little over 30 feet, flood stage -- flood stage 32, good news in napa the river has ed peaked last night now starting to -- to fall and will continue to fall still in yellow where there's concern through the early evening hours today many once we get past that our next system has such little rain the forecast is calling for okay conditions for all of our streams, creeks, rivers. partly cloudy, dry today, wet and breezy christmas especially in the afternoon and evening mainly dry thursday through sunday. here's last night that system has pulled away, high pressure obvious top of us now. in the same picture frame, you -- -- [ unintelligible ] partly cloudy day high clouds tonight fog will be less of an issue if you have to head out tomorrow morning. 7:00 in the morning not much mostly cloudy noon steady rain moves into the north bay by 3:00, steadier rain even moderate rain yellows up and down 80 from san francisco up to fairfield, by 5:00, more moderate rain in the south bay, by 7:00, back to showers and will remain showers overnight through
in guerneville over the weekend. flood warnings were also canceled there. the river crested at 16 feet about an hour ago. the highest recorded flood in guerneville occurred in 1986 when that river reached a monstrous number of feet, 49 feet. that must have been something. >>> and the flood threat for the truckee river in california, nevada, is over, as well. the storm turned out to be colder than expected turning a lot of the rain to snow and dropping snow levels down to 7,000 feet. truckee river is now expected to crest below flood stage. >>> the good news is i think we are getting a break from all this weather. >> yeah. no rain today. we are going to get some showers during the week but nothing like over the weekend. >> no. i mean, those were amazing totals we saw from the storms, almost 16" in some of the mountains around the bay area. you can see why all the rivers are full. but the good news is they are going to stay within their banks. right now a much-needed break outside. still a lot of clouds out there. it's chilly in spots, too, down to 39 degrees right now in santa rosa. 45 in san
of them. these are the top three when it comes to the bay area. the resolution river at guerneville could reach flood stages as we head into late sunday and also into monday. if you live in guerneville, you are probably well aware of this. but if you're just coming back from out of town and you're tuning in, keep a close eye on that russian river. otherwise in san anselmo, a current level of 4.2 feet. it's gone up today with the latest storm. critical level is 10 feet. we definitely could see this rise quite a bit more as we see this head into sunday's storm. and the third concern is one that has popped up quickly. about and that's the guadalupe river in san jose. right now at 11.21 feet. forecast to crest at 8 to 10 feet on monday. and flood stage is 17 feet. we're not expected to get to flood stage, but it is something a lot of news san jose near the guadalupe river will also need to monitor. temperatures on your weekend low to mid-60s out here. we'll even get a few breaks of sunshine. a little bit of a treat here for mother nature in between all this snoyrm weather. as you look at your
: back in guerneville, the russian river is expected to reach three to four feet above flood stage, enough to close roads and flood homes. but fire officials say it won't cause major damage until it hits 40 feet. flood stage is 32. >> everybody has seen it before if they've lived here for a long time. if they haven't, listen to what everybody is telling you. be prepared. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> pg&e is staying ahead of the power outages. tonight, only 53 homes are without power in the north bay. a total of 20 homes in the south bay and peninsula. still, pg&e says it's been very busy. >> we've been working almost 16 hours. it's been a fairly long night. there's still lots of outages. >> pg&e says it's been helped by the lull in the storm systems. it's allowed crews to get out and make prepares and prepare for the next storm. >>> chp says it's also been busy. they have dealt with dozens of accidents and fender benders, including this jackknifed big rig in san bernardino. and you can always stay ahead of the storm with our interactive hi-def doppler radar. it's only 24
. guerneville road. bennett valley road as we pan around the bay area you will notice here that valley ford road we see some moderate wane fall. head out to glen ellen. moderate rain indicated on arnold drive and lighter rain beginning to move in around here and the rain spread as you look at computer animation here. heaviest rain will slowly shift south. morning commute is going to be wet and windy. we have wind advisory going up. this storm is going to stall out. i'll let you know what this means for the holiday travel plans coming up. >> thanks very much. >> the storm is already moved into the north bay tonight. often they get hit first. allen is live in santa rosa with a look at how people get ready. it's really coming dow down. >>reporter: yes it looks on the radar but so far mostly tonight seen light showers. it is picking up so it looks like we are seeing the leading edge of that storm front moving through santa rosa right now. fire rescue officials were checking out low lying areas today but so far no problems. santa rosa has an excellent storm drain system so they don't e
level here. the heaviest rain currently falling around hearn avenue in santa rosa. guerneville road. bennett valley road as we pan around the bay area you will notice here that valley ford road we see some moderate wane fall. head out to glen ellen. moderate rain indicated on arnold drive and lighter rain beginning to move in around here and the rain spread as you look at computer animation here. heaviest rain will slowly shift south. morning commute is going to be wet and windy. we have wind advisory going up. this storm is going to stall out. i'll let you know what this means for the holiday travel plans coming up. >> thanks very much. >> the storm is already moved into the north bay tonight. often they get hit first. allen is live in santa rosa with a look at how people get ready. it's really coming dow down. >>reporter: yes it looks pretty big and menacing on the radar but so far mostly tonight seen light showers. it is picking up so it looks like we are seeing the leading edge of that storm front moving through santa rosa right now. fire rescue officials were checking
guerneville is a concern. we showed this to you yesterday. now at 22 feet. it's going to get close. so 30 feet is what we're talking about. which is why flood watches are going. we're expecting surf advisory until 4:00 a.m. saturday. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers, upper 50s to mid-60s, checking out accu-weather forecast, strongest part of the storm saturday to sunday morning. dry sunday, we'll see more rain. that storm does not look as strong. chance of rain drying out for you. >> we need that time thank you. >> raider nation we want to hear from you. want to see team pride. we invite you to e mail your fan photos. we'll post photos on abc 7 and show them on the air. maybe take photos at sunday's game. we have a raiders special next thursday because at 5:00 you can watch peyton manning in town at the coliseum versus silver and black. we'll broadcast live here on abc 7. >> just ahead get ready to be wined and dined for free. finney's friday free stuff, up next. >> about time. and new at 6:00 ucsf has a new medical facility. inside where students can rain with high te >>> it's f
to seven inches of rain over the weekend. and, rebec,a there's certain guerneville could be under water again by monday morning. >> for more on the intense series of storms we turn to our chief meteorologist at our san francisco station kpix, good evening, paul. >> good evening to you, rebecca. >> this system is being described as a fire hose pointed straight at the west coast. what can you tell us about it? well, if mother nature did have a fire hose this certainly would be it. this is tropical moisture that begins west of hawaii, some 3,000, 4,000 miles away from the west coast but it makes this journey all the way from there all the way to the west coast. this tropical moisture can even be an old hurricane from 10 days ago somewhere out in the eastern pacific ocean. it slams into the west coast and everybody gets a ton of rainfall. and in this case, just tonight and tomorrow we're looking at widespread rainfall totals of two inches or more from seattle in western washington all the way down to san francisco, the bay area, even southern california will get heavy rain from the system.
to normal russian river at guerneville you can see downward trend, a little spike, getting nowhere near that 30 foot crest that we are looking at, as we head towards heels burke, you can see the flood stage, let's talk about right now, still 48 san rafael, thick fog this morning, rest of us in the 50s, monterey bay bay 52 santa cruz mid to upper 50s the rest of the bay also inland. we'll have high clouds and sun today, a break, then wet weather comes in tomorrow for wednesday once we get past that we could 10, 14 days of rain-free weather. here's what is happening, high pressure now directing clouds over top of us, keeping next storm at bay for now. warm front that comes with the first initial wave of wet weather during the overnight, north bay, rest of us scattered sprinkles, maybe drizzle along the coast for tomorrow's morning commute, scattered light rain until we get to noon, steadier rain starts to move into the heart of the bay east bay and south bay not best chance until later in the afternoon during the overnight hours, all of us get a light to moderate rain that will hang out t
from yu kia. clear lake and as you look here around guerneville, some moderate rain is showing up. kingridge road is picking up rain. traveling, watch out for rain@>. and temperatures now into 50s, today's high temperatures milder than yesterday but we did start out with mid to upper 20s to it was frosty cold. not going see that again tonight. with clouds coming in and rain moving in. 29 in half moon bay. wind advisories will be going up. i'll show were you in just a moment. wet, windy, winter arrives at 3:12 and more rain is in the forecast for the weekend. if you still have last minute shopping to do you'll need umbrellas soon if you're not going to use them yet. here is a slow moving storm. we have more waves of energy coming in this weekend meaning more rain for the weekend. tonight, 7:00 p.m. you can see rainfall. across parts of the north bay, east bay and that cold front is slow moving so this will see moderate rainfall with this system continuing at 7:00 a.m. fchl you are have travel floornz a morning commute watch out. it's going to be wet and windy. 9:00 a.m. we'll be wa
at napa, 10:00. and the russian river at guerneville should be cresting below flood stage. that so for tomorrow morning at 11:00. coming up we'll take a look at very impressive rainfall totals and your forecast for christmas. >>>less weather is causing significant delays at san francisco airport. a manager tells us that departing flights are 45-90 minutes behind schedule and at least 25 flights have been canceled. mineta san josi is reporting a handful of delays. we have a link on so you can track your flight. just look under "hot topics." pg&e crews are working to restore power to thousands of bay area customers of the most of the outages are in the north bay where almost 4,000 customers are still without power there. are about 700 customers out of power on the peninsula. 440 in east bay, 360 in the south bay. and about 70 in san francisco. >>> wet roads may have been a factor in a series of traffic accidents. emeryville a two-car crash on 580 eastbound slowed traffic to a crawl. the accident happened before the macarthur maze. an ambulance was on the scene, but the highw
. helena seeing pretty good rain. guerneville you are wet. we slide along the coastline we are wet. if we cruise along highway 101, notice petaluma you are seeing heavy rain here. this is just the beginning. as we progress to the morning drive we will watch this as it shifts south. we are picking up light scattered showers along novato and highway 101. the winds are blowing. we have a wind advisory in place for some areas. i'll share that with you and show you what to expect for your weekend coming up. good morning, sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. traffic is doing pretty well. you mentioned the winds rosemary, it might be trouble for you if you drive a small car on the bay area bridge. just use extra care or an a causeway like this one. you might feel the wind blowing on your car a little bit. it's one of the small cars pretty small. no major problems reported at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 4:30 let's go back to the desk. >>> san francisco international airport is gearing up for what could be the busiest day holiday travel day of the season. allie rasmus is live there at the airport
clearing rapidly, and this is good news for the rest russian river, guerneville, because it looks as the some of the levels won't be as high as we anticipated. we'll check out the latest river flow stages forecast for those two rivers, plus other advisories for the bay area in the next 24 hours. >> ama: as league just mentioned, flooding is a big concern, especially along the napa river, sergio quintana is live in napa. sergio? reporter: well, the rains have already caused some problems around town near napa, and the flood warning for the napa river has been extended through the weekend. tomorrow afternoon is when the napa river is supposed to be at its highest point. >> rain soaked trees are the first to cause problems on this stretch of redwood road. two trees came down and took out a powerline, knocking out electricity for 50 pg&e customers. the closed road also turned what usually be a five minute drive through the neighborhood into a 45 minute detour and caused concerns about nearby creeks and rivers. >> i was worried it wased inning here. >> some of his neighbors have put up
news for the rest russian river, guerneville, because it looks as the some of the levels won't be as high as we anticipated. we'll check out the latest river flow stages forecast for those two rivers, plus other advisories for the bay area in the next 24 hours. >> ama: as league just mentioned, flooding is a big concern, especially along the napa river, sergio quintana is live in napa. sergio? reporter: well, the rains have already caused some problems around town near napa, and the flood warning for the napa river has been extended through the weekend. tomorrow afternoon is when the napa river is supposed to be at its highest point. >> rain soaked trees are the first to cause problems on this stretch of redwood road. two trees came down and took out a powerline, knocking out electricity for 50 pg&e customers. the closed road also turned what usually be a five five minute de through the neighborhood into a 45 minute detour and caused concerns about nearby creeks and rivers. >> i was worried it wased inning here. >> some of his neighbors have put up small dikes in their front
. it is looking out 100 miles out watching this wall of lighter rain towards bodega bay, santa rosa, guerneville over the next two to three hours. visibilities fairly unlimited for the rest of us, cloudy, best chance of rain steady rain north bay during the afternoon, 50s, the rest of us mostly cloudy, scattered sprinkle and low to mid 60s. have the wet weather gear up north. >>> muni metro back on schedule after power problems overnight that's the good news. bart says they are on time. cable car how long high street service disrupted. shuttle in place there. if you are traveling into san francisco, bay bridge metering lights on traffic backing towards the macarthur maze, no problems just a lot of company on the upper deck into san francisco. >>> new details this morning about a daytime robbery at a palo alto walgreens. surveillance photos shows the man leaving the university avenue store yesterday afternoon. police say he pulled a gun on the farm sis and demanded the -- on the pharmacist and demanded okayy konstantin. sunday a similarly dressed man robbed the cvs in cupertino police say he dema
of guerneville. and even though it's normally a slow-moving river... >> with 6-7 ft. it begins to get scary. we have to think about leaving town, turning off electricity, gasoline. and so forth. >> the national weather service says that it could be possibly a flooded road to a.m. with noon tomorrow reaching the highest levels. in this video shot yesterday, you can see that the river is rising fast. flooding, every decade or so, is not uncommon. the last serious threat was in the first days of january 06 of course the possibility always makes residents nervous. the national weather service says the russian river will flood guerneville around 2 a.m. monday... highest point around noon tomorrow... with water levels >> the latest series of storms has some arborists concerned about trees in the bay area. the saturated ground could force trees and bushes to collapse. about the threat. >> all of the whe--wieight.. is at the top of the tree. >> certified arborist christopher altman pointing these dangers out while walking through pacific heights in san francisco. >> if you have a lot therese cyp
continues for that river. russian river at guerneville, look at the rise. it's almost 22 feet and expected to come to about 30 feet just below flood stage. heading into that next storm. so monday it's expected to get close to that level. high surf advisory until 10:00 a.m. saturday. waves continue to build up to 17 feet. watch out for rip currents. scattered showers, mainly 60s. accu-weather forecast, a rough part of storm three, late saturday night, sunday morning early afternoon and then, we'll start to dry it out. we'll need it. more rain tuesday coming into tuesday. that is coming in. >> you can say cover p a mall, right? >> exactly. >> look to the positive. >> i'll tell you something. i'm searching for noah's blueprints for building an arc. >> yes. yes. >> thank you. >> bay area woman upset after her car is stolen. it's not the car she cares about, but what is inside. >>> taking a look at live doppler 7 hd. pockets of heavy rainfalling in the north bay. we expect more to come as this weekend unfolds. >> she appeared for a letter that got her on the oprah winfrey show. now, she's hopin
coming up for you right now. russian river, heelsberg, dropped off at flood stage. and guerneville, in monday morning, at flood stage, at 4:00. backing off as we head into midmorning monday and the afternoon hours. it has been an active weather week. remember, wednesday, talking about the storm 1, storm two moved in on friday and storm 3, another strong one. that moved in this morning. take a look at the rain fall totals in the past few days. 13 inches of rain. kent field, 9.5 inches. the mountains, around 9 inches, san francisco, 3.78 and san jose about 2.5 inches, we have a break in the rain for us tonight and tomorrow. i track another system, a weak one but that does show up in our five-day forecast more on that in a few minutes. >> all right, more rain. >>> a system is-wide power failure halted the service leaving scores of passengers stranded. all train service was stopped at 9:18 a.m. now, b.a.r.t police officers say the storm may of played a role in knocking out the power. and b.a.r.t's back up generator did not work. some passengers on the way to the raiders game were losin
reyes, also around guerneville up the highway gender fort ross moderate to heavy rain there -- there is flooding in forestville right now on 116. the rain is now getting close to the golden gate bridge, also towards richmond making that southerly push going to be here in the heart of the bay by 7:00, in the south bay by 9:00. >>> friday light at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet, minor delay for cash paying folks not too bad, lanes carpool lanes flowing5 nicely not even backed towards the first overcrossing, just now to the caltrans parking lot. no problems westbound upper deck, san mateo bridge looking good, a little crowded westbound towards the highrise bunching up on the flat section towards foster city,f6b) 17 minute drive from hayward towards san mateo, westbound 37 past mare island car off the road waiting for a tow truck, three miles past mare island one lane in each direction, they will be having to get a tow truck in you might delays in a bit. north 101 railroad avenue, spin-out right lane possibly due to hydroplaneing and flooding in the area, -- t
some of the better radar returns now more guerneville, occidental, that area, bodega bay, heading towards windsor, sliding towards santa rosa, cotati and petaluma waves of showers continue this morning and will continue into the afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 50s. a break from the rain tomorrow light rain develops friday afternoon, better chance of rain saturday. >>> 6:15. people from texas to alabama are surveying damage this morning after severe storms triggered more than 30 tornadoes christmas day. blizzard-like conditions in the nation's heartland could make travel difficult. wendy gillette joins us live from new york city. >> reporter: good morning. the national weather service has received reports of 34 tornadoes in four states, now this powerful system is moving east. this is just one of more than 30 reported tornadoes that touched down on christmas day. leaving heavy damage. this one roared through alabama -- mobile, alabama tearing down parts of the church and downtown businesses. another twister hit mississippi, blowing insulation into trees and%khç peeling ba
levels -- truckee river and the russian river in guerneville, flooding on potentially big scale. guerneville, it's going fake up to two days to leach the coast. two days ahead of us. pg&e the utility is saying 54,000 customers without power and there was one power pole in san francisco that got smacked in two by the force of gail winds. with the weather now and all the rain has dissipated it hasn't stopped the football. we have the raiders against the cleveland browns. back to you. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: as he mentioned, storm is expected to be the last of really big storms hitting the area this weekend. that does not mean folks here are out of the woods as of yet. maria molina is in the weather center. >> good to see you. we're expecting more. another storm system to arrive next week on tuesday. we have to deal with the weather going on this weekend and next week expect another one. it's been ongoing the entire this week. we've been seeing storms dumping heavy rain, heavy mountain snow and producing strong rains. we do have wind advisories across portions of
. forecasters say it will not jump over the banks near guerneville. sonoma county opened an emergency operations center just because of flooding after the daker it passed. >>> 7:03. pg&e expects to restore power today to most of the areas experiencing outages from yesterday's storm. the utility has returned power to another 200 customers in the past two hours. the north bay and east bay regions now have 625 without power and the east bay, 595 and the south bay, 655, still in the dark. >>> police say a chase started hen they tried to stop a car speeding in san jose. it turns out the suspect, 27- year-old rohilio pena, ran on foot. he was caught and arrested. >>> also, two chp officers are recovering after flipping their cruiser during a high-speed pursuit at the altamont pass. it happened on 580 eastbound. we'll have a report on this at 7:0. >>> big story. just about a half-hour ago, the u.s. supreme court released today's list of cases it will review in the upcoming term. california's proposition 8 is not on that list. ktvu's brian flores is in san francisco to tell us what that means for same-s
, as we head into sunday afternoon, putting above stood stage, 21 feet. russian river at guerneville, flood stage is 32 feet. look at 21 feet right now. it's expected to get close to flood stage at 31 feet going into early monday, late sunday afternoon. high surf advisory until saturday, 4:00 a.m. for coastal areas. waves remaining high. watch out for rip currents. upper 50s to mid-60s, scattered showers saturday. accu-weather forecast is showing you a third, final in a series. more rain tuesday and a chance wednesday but that does not look near the intense storm that just blue through here today. >> time wise, what are we looking at? before getting weather activity? >> not until late tomorrow night. those of you with weekend plans on saturday, this is going to be raining up there. don't just let your guards down. many of you will be sleeping going into early sunday morning. >> sunday sounds like the rough one. >> yes. >> coming up next, it was 30 years ago thriller was released. now, you can own a piece of the costume. >> now, who will share half of the record power ball jackpot. wh
at guerneville russian river peaked right below. all the rivers are showing much more improvement this morning. >>> 6:13. >> still on storm watch this morning in the aftermath of the weekend storm that hit northern california one of the hardest hit areas is in lafayette. >> a neighborhood massive section of mountain view drive is gone. amy hollyfield is live with why repairs could take a while. you only have to look behind you and you get it. >> reporter: yeah, check out that hole behind me, imagine what kind of a monday morning these people are going to have. they have to navigate around this hole also dealing with severed lines, you can see them down there in that big hole. and they have to wait for crews to come and cleanup these huge boulders, big chunks of pavement. it is going to take a while until this neighborhood gets back to normal, city officials say they are not going to clear this out quickly. the street gave way 8:30 yesterday morning when the road collapsed it snapped a water sewage line, -- water service line, sewage line and damaged a water main. part of the problem is the deb
inland. -- for forget that especially inland. with guerneville going to peak a little over 30 feet, flood stages 32 getting up into that possible cautionary place that some of the smaller or lower banks may get a little flooding napa river flood stage 25 feet, it did get chose it peaked last night now it is receding. mainly low to mid 40s san francisco 49, upper 30s in santa rosa, napa. san jose 44. partly cloudy, dry today, wet and breezy tomorrow afternoon and evening and mainly dry thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. a chance of showers thursday and sunday, remote for sure, friday and saturday the driest days in the forecast. when you step out it is clear other than the fog. next system will move in quickly coming tomorrow. 5:00 this evening high clouds coming in tonight, when we wake up tomorrow morning, nothing just cloud cover. noon some of the steadier rain moving into the north bay, heavier rain moving into the heart of the bay by 3:00, south bay bay 5, exits 6, 7, scattered showers tuesday night into wednesday morning more scattered showers wednesday afternoon taper quickly towar
and that is the concern about flooding. at the moment, things are looking pretty good. russian river in guerneville crested at about two feet below flood stage and still receding. enemy river, also crested below foot stage. those waters are receding but more rain on the way which could increase our concern again about flooding. here is a look at satellite radar, as the storm approaches and i'll show you when and where it will first arrive and how much rain we expect. >> dan: for all the problems the storms caused, it has made for a very merry christmas for tahoe ski resorts. >> carolyn: the snow piled three feet of snow on heavenly feet, it is up to nine feet for the month of december alone. the resort says that the most in ten years. we'll have a live report coming up in about ten minutes. >> dan: nearly six feet of snow over the last seven days, second snowiest christmas on record in alpine meadows. more than 18 feet has fallen so far. it's very good news for those folks. 17 inches of snow is expected at squaw and alpine this week. >> carolyn: san francisco prosecutors filed felony hit and run as
it also cools it from sea ranch, fort ross towards occidental, guerneville, forestville that whole area, blue"emj green, still, i don't think they are going to have more in the way of sprinkles if anything through the morning this is just the beginning of the system who having in. 30s, easier to talk about who is not in the 30s, -- [ unintelligible ] , today frot there, by the around clouds thick enough that light rain will start reaching the ground. showers start tomorrow morning, dry by the afternoon hours this is the extended dry period for sunday, monday and tuesday, we've been talking about all week. divide and conquer that's what we are seeing system spinning energy trying to split this area of high pressure going to flow down the coast what makes this forecast tricky, how o the coast does it get? 50 miles closer, we're talking about significant rain into the east bay valleys, 50 miles farther west, barely any rain. we are going to split it down the middle. light rain moving into the north bay during the lunch hour, all of us,' getting light rain for the evening commute. heavier r
it is heading back towards w going to stay on 101 from windsor to santa rosa guerneville road ludwig road out toc]j trying to wind through the hills going to be a rough go raining so heavy now bodega avenue from cotati towards petaluma petaluma about to get hit by another round. as we look ataéru:áu$ bay this is where mainly staying. san rafael larkspur novato towards sonoma and napa headed your way over thep1 so heart of the bay 7:00 south8 some of thet rain down there in the afternoon hours moreuau&Ñ rain. heavy rain or steady rain heavy at times this morning then waves of showers for the afternoon. just beginning. >>> so far so good, wet have flooding in went sore area north 501 live --%x -- windsor area north 101 no delays towards the berkeley curve and macarthur maze.oae san rafael not getting heavy drive towards the golden gate bridgeasr]r winds youqr>/p heavy probably on the bridges this morning. bart muni caltrain all mass transit getting off to a good start no delays roadwork onux) westbound dumbarton bridgeyy]dx down to one lane should be picked ' up 6:00 this morning. dri
stage but guerneville just approaching flood stage. about a foot below flood stage. we'll continue to keep eye on the warnings and watches. we will have more updates throughout the evening hours and the complete forecast wrap on the 10:00 news tonight. >> he said he will call me back with an tax i.d. number and an attorney will call me. no one has. what's the name of this? for dee, when she saw us coming, she grabbed the money lock box and suckers. >> you are the boss and not me. >> reporter: are you talking to willie? >> loaded them into her car, a bmw and sped away. hitting a shotting cart as she -- shopping cart. >> this story came to us by one of you, a viewer and we want to hear more from you. if you have an idea please e- mail us. california have just voted themselves numerous tax increases for the common good. personal good seems to be the prime motivation for many takes evadetors. >> reporter: our search led us to high-rise of downtown san francisco. the employment law and civil rights attorney is seen smiling in pictures in his office with president obama and former pres
at stony point was under water. we're standing on the banks of the russian in guerneville and i can tell you in just the last hour during this break in the storm, we have seen this river coming up through the banks very slowly. we have had to move our live shot location just a little bit during that last hour. and dana, tonight that river flood watch will be going on until monday 6 p.m. >> could be a long night for a lot of people. linda yee thank you. >>> pg&e is working to restore power to nearly 3,000 people across the bay area. the north bay is the hardest hit area. 1500 customers still in the dark. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us the storm damage in san francisco. >>> reporter: this not the way you want to start your friday. >> just watch out for whatever you park under. >> reporter: san francisco police blocked off pine street between laguna and buchanan as the fire department got to work trimming that tree, not talking holiday style. oversaturated ground gave way causing this tree crash on a mercedes just east of san francisco's lower pacific heights neighborhood. an are
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